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Merry Christmas 2017!

Family Download Page:

"Living EP" is a collection of mellow folk songs recorded directly into my computer, with no external mics from 2008-2017. Nothing fancy, no gimmicks. They are meant to play as honest songs, as oppose to attention grabbing songs, or songs that are trying to prove something. They come from real places of difficulty and peace, often revolving around finding peace through surrendering.

Here are some demo songs and extra songs I've made for fun. The first two are raw demo tracks of what will likely be on an upcoming official album. The third song is a cover I did of one of Daphne's favorite songs by an artist I love as well. The last song is an experiment with my old side project "Gratitillium" in which I played around with an old jazz song from the 1930's, adding my own beats and lyrics on top of the old fuzzy recording.

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