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Nick Caceres Live


     Nick Caceres is an indie folk-rock musician from Portland Oregon who has played both solo and as a collaborative project. His music has been featured on various local compilations such as Pdx Pop Now and on Tender Loving Empire records. 

     Over the years he has been privileged to share the stage with acts such as Tune Yards, Family Of The Year, and the Walkmen, and has performed both nationally and internationally at festivals such as Music Fest Northwest and the Neon Reverb Festival.        

     Caceres' early music harkens sounds from local acts such as the Decemberists and The Shins, but over the years has evolved into multiple different styles from pop-rock to synth pop.       


      "Catchy but immune to the clichés of modern pop music... the reincarnation of the traveling minstrels that once roamed the foggy countryside in 6/8 time signatures."

      -Juan Patino (Producer Lisa Loeb/ Jewel)

      "Portland's renaissance folk maestro...Nick Caceres has nailed the whole songwriting thing."              -Willamette Week 

     "A voice that could claim a gene from Tim Buckley"

      -Linda Waterfall

     "Angst is rarely so introspective, universal and steeped in historical reflection. There is a rawness to Caceres’ folk output."

     -Portland State University Vanguard Magazine 

     "A creative testament that stands on it's own"

     -Local Vertical  

     "Really Fun stuff!" 

     -The Portland Mercury 

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