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"A monster lyricist with a gift for melody. Nick has a commitment to jams that are catchy but immune to the clichés of modern pop music. Very hard to do and most impressive. Nick Caceres is the reincarnation of the traveling minstrels that once roamed the foggy countryside in 6/8 time signatures" 

    -Juan Patino (Producer Lisa Loeb, Jewel)

"Nick Caceres has nailed the whole songwriting thing...his skills are only getting better, showcasing a louder rock sound."

   -Willamette Week 

"Really fun stuff!"

   -Portland Mercury 

"Portland renaissance folk maestro."

   -Willamette Week

"Young poet, old soul, with a voice that could claim a gene from Tim Buckley." 

    -Linda Waterfall 

"Angst is rarely so introspective, universal and steeped in historical reflection. There is a rawness to Caceres’ folk output"

-PSU Vanguard Magazine

"This guys got what it takes." 

-Pete Krebs

"A creative testament that stands on its own. If you are desiring something totally different to add to your music collection, this likely will do it for you."

-Local Vertical







     Nick Caceres is an artist who hails from the Northwest, and is a Portland OR native. He began constructing songs on his guitar when he was just fifteen, and recorded a handful of albums with a friend in their basement studio over the next few years, none of which he felt ready to share with the public. It wasn’t until he released his fourth album, “Distances We Travel”, that he began playing out and creating a fan base.

     He attended Cornish College of the Arts for one year in their singer songwriter department, and left with a rich album of songs, which would become known as After Abernethy. Caceres gigged this album for the next two years, releasing a single called “The Victorian Hoedown”, which found it’s way onto Portland’s PDX POP NOW 2008 compilation album, as well as 2009's Friends And Friends Of Friends compilation, and was featured in a music video by Out Of Line Productions.  

     Caceres then garnered the attention of Portland record label Tender Loving Empire, who signed his project “Gratitillium”, under which he released two albums. Over the next five years, while performing with both his acts, Caceres shared the stage locally with groups such as Sallie Ford, Y La Bamba, and Hosannas, and nationally with groups such as Family Of The Year and The Walkmen.  

     After this he turned his attention back to the album After Abernethy. The original drums, vocals, and acoustic guitar had been recorded at Gung Ho Studios in Eugene in 07', and Caceres proceeded to build the rest of the album himself. He ended up receiving help from friends and musicians such as former Horse Feathers member Sam Cooper and Wild Ones’ Max Stein- who added string arrangements to the album. Nick completed and released After Abernethy after eight years. 

     He quickly followed with the release of Flesh And Frequencies, which featured drums played by Ben Olsen on just over half the songs, while the rest was played, recorded and mixed by Caceres.  It marked his first fully self produced release since Gratitillium Volume 1, featuring more electric guitar, as well as his most uptempo array of songs to date. Caceres said it draws on his experiences playing live on stage over the years. He was seeking a full band sound. 

Take It From Me (Live)

by Out Of Line Productions

The Victorian Hoedown

by Out Of Line Productions 

She Belongs To The Breeze (Unreleased) 

Live at Washington Park by Wayne Curry












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